Opening Your Eyes to Sobriety

Opening Your Eyes to Sobriety

slideAddiction is a huge problem for many men and women in the United States and around the world. Drugs and alcohol are not just the stuff of books and television. They are real evils that can take over and ruin your life. The good news is that you can get your life back by making the decision to get help and get sober.

The Benefits of Living a Sober Life

Being sober means changing your life for the better. It’s a scary thing to do, and that is why sadly, many people wait too long to make the change. Sometimes, looking forward to the multitude of positives that will come your way when you decide to take charge of your addiction can help spur the motions that will make your dreams become reality. If your dream is to become sober, you have these wonderful benefits to look forward to:

A healthier body
Each time you take drugs or drink, you’re hurting your body. As soon as you stop, you become healthier.

A healthier mind
Minds on drugs are riddled with problems. A sober mind can adjust and enjoy being alive and well.

Better relationships with those you care about
When you’re sober, you’re not hurting the ones you care about. Instead, you’re living life with them side by side.

Addicts focus on one thing and one thing only. They want their next fix. When that’s off the table and you’re sober, your life naturally assumes a more stable environment.

Some Unexpected Benefits of Sobriety

Many people are aware of the aforementioned benefits of turning over a new leaf and living a sober lifestyle, but as many long-time sober individuals will tell you, there are some unexpected benefits that you can look forward to as well:

You’ll be able to help others.

We all know that feeling that rushes over you when you get to open a new present for your birthday or a holiday. We also know that feeling you get when you give a gift, and it’s ten times better, isn’t it? Living a sober life means that you become a resource for people who want to become just like you. You’ll be able to help them, and the wonderful feelings you’ll get from helping them will be unmatched by anything else you will experience.

You’ll make new friends, and the kinship will be real.

Getting sober means that you’ll probably have to drop old friends and acquaintances. This may be hard at first, but if they were causing you pain and suffering in the past, the transition will be cathartic and well worth it. As you create a different circle of friends in your new sober life, you’ll notice that the connections you share will be based on other things besides drugs. Ideally, these friendships will be rooted in stronger, more substantial connections, and you’ll feel better about them.

You’ll look a lot better.

Drugs and alcohol are not becoming on anyone. Some drugs may be worse than others, but most of them have the nasty habit of making you look tired, worn down, dirty and sick. Being sober means getting a whole new makeover.

You’ll save money.

Drugs and alcohol are expensive! Think of all the great things you can buy with the money you’ll save once you’re sober.

How to Seek Help and Get Sober

Sometimes, asking for help is the hardest thing to do. Asking for help means that you are admitting you have a problem, and that is never easy for anyone. But the truth is, you can do it.

1. Admit that you have a problem.

It’s difficult to do, but it’s the first step toward getting your life back. Admitting you have an addiction problem doesn’t mean telling yourself that you are bad or evil. It actually means the opposite. Admitting your mistakes means that you are taking charge and deciding to care for yourself in the best way possible.

2. Ask for help.

Go to someone you trust like a friend, teacher, partner or family member. If you don’t know anyone you trust, go to a medical professional and tell them you need help getting sober.

3. Get into an inpatient rehab center.

Outpatient rehab centers can be helpful on occasion, but you’ll ultimately get the best care at an inpatient center. Here, you will be cared for by professionals, and you’ll be able to focus all of your time and enegry on making yourself better.

4. Discover the new you.

When your life is not clouded by drugs and alcohol, you have more time and energy to devote to other, more important things. When you get sober, you will have so many options before you that it may be a shock, but it will definitely be a worthwhile one.

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