Elusive and Dangerous New Things Teens do to get High

Elusive and Dangerous New Things Teens do to get High

If a trained narcotics officer can miss the drug abuse signs in their own child, chances are, you can miss it too. Young people can be very elusive and deceptive when they’ve happened onto, or been introduced to, mood changing drugs; indeed, one-time use is all it may take for a sudden “huffing” death.
Be alert for the varied secretive and dangerous common substances with heinous uses that many parents never knew existed; moreover, they may be in your garage. They are called inhalants. They are recognized by the kids with these street names:

  • Air Blast
  • Poppers
  • Satan’s Secret
  • Texas Shoe Shine
  • Snotballs
  • Moon Gas
  • Oz

Inhaled for a short time, they produce differing results. Delusions, aggressive behavior or hallucinations may become evident in your child. Your child’s personality is changing. Long-term use causes liver damage, coma and death. If you’ve been the amateur therapist so far, and it hasn’t worked, it’s time for professional help immediately.

The Red Flag-Raising Scent of Gasoline Inside Your Home

This may be one of the easiest and most convenient inhalants for your child to use. It doesn’t cost the abuser anything. You keep it inside your garage for your lawn mower and weed trimmer. An old rag or paper holds enough liquid to sniff to obtain a false feeling of exhilaration or well-being. You may notice the can needs a refill more often; however, you’re not the only one that mows the grass. Don’t feel alone in your confusion; indeed, a drug abuser fast becomes a master deceiver, including the angelic 8-year old. He may, in his childhood innocence, have discovered a more dangerous use for this common and readily available chemical. An older neighbor or even a classmate may privately educate your child concerning this mind-altering vapor. Your children are out of the home almost every day. They have plenty of opportunity to interact with other students, teachers and even church leaders. Remember, this is a secretive act. Discovery happens to the loser. A child will and can be a drug abuser in their own home, and you may not see it, until the behavior becomes highly suspect. Though you may be puzzled by irrational behavior, it may be allowed to continue simply because you have convinced yourself that, hopefully, “it’s a phase!”

Though Marijuana May Not Kill You, This One Could

Inhalants work by displacing air in the lungs. Hypoxia, is the name for it. Strangulating, the body, starved for oxygen, suffocates. Moreover, the cell damage may not be fast. Continued, long-term use works on the sensitive brain cells. The consistent huffer may find it harder to learn new things. School becomes more difficult; thus, the student may drop out. Ordinary chores are neglected. It’s too hard to concentrate. The world has become complex.

Simple conversations may reveal slurred words. A clumsy, staggering gait can develop consequently, from resulting nerve damage. Even a medical examination may be misdiagnosed as a minor stroke. A child in distress needs help. Gasoline is only one of many liquid volatile solvents that possess the ability to become a vapor at room temperature. Here’s more:

Paint thinners for the deck project
Glue for the new kitchen tile

Also, aerosols with their spray propellants are popular. Spray paint is in demand, along with hair spray and your aerosol computer cleaner. Yes, that’s right! You keep a supply of compressed air to clean your computer keyboard and mouse. Don’t forget the sexually enhancing drugs, nitrites. Not your child, you say? With the street name, poppers, this one is your video head cleaner.

There is Hope and Help

If you have read this far, you may have tried to fix the problem, and it hasn’t worked. It’s time to fire yourself and call in the professionals. They’ve seen it before and consequently, they treated it with amazing results. Recovery is possible; it includes a bright future for your child. Drug abuse doesn’t have to last forever. It doesn’t have to end in the cemetery at a very young age. Take control and start talking with specialists for guidance. The hardest part may be in accepting the fact that you need help. You can’t go back, and the present is a series of nightmares; indeed, you can only go forward and assist your child in recovery.

Close monitoring by a concerned parent has saved lives before. Take time to examine everything more closely. If you have reason to feel concerned, don’t shrug it off. It’s better to be judged a helicopter parent than to face the alternative. Yes, your child needs wings to fly, but you’re the flight instructor.

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