You Can Still Have Fun Without Alcohol

You Can Still Have Fun Without Alcohol

You Can Still Have “Fun” if You Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol affects millions of people in the United States. The eMedicine site reported the number of affected citizens as being 17 million adults. The problem that makes alcoholism such an epidemic is its high positive exposure. Hundreds of commercials display alcohol as a “fun” beverage. College fraternities and high school senior groups sometimes consider regular alcohol consumption as an acceptable activity. Today’s society accepts drink consumption so much that addicted persons believe that they will stop having fun if they seek treatment at an inpatient facility. The truth is that drinking only provides a short-term artificial buzz. The overall experience isn’t fun. Here’s why:

Reason #1 That Alcoholism Isn’t Fun: The Hangover

Drinking every day isn’t fun. The first reason is the hangover. A massive hangover can leave a person unable to work, eat, sleep or interact with friends or family members. The definition of fun is enjoyment. Not one soul enjoys violent vomiting or eye-pounding migraine headaches. The first few seconds of the above-BAC buzz may feel good, but the spinning that follows it does not.

Reason #2 That Addiction Isn’t Fun: No Freedom

The United States means business when it says that drinking and driving in unacceptable. An addicted person can end up in jail for a first offense of driving under the influence. The state may impose high fines, license points, and ignition interlock devices classes, as well. Jail still isn’t fun, even in this day and age.

Reason #3 That Drinking isn’t Fun: Long-Term Health Deterioration

You are what you drink. Running liquor through one’s system is similar to running sugary water through a gas line. The body will perform poorly if it can perform at all. Excessive drinking can cause devastating health conditions such as liver cirrhosis, long-term fatigue, dehydration, depression and more. An beer-dependent body will need treatment immediately.

Reason #4 That Alcoholism Isn’t Fun: The Public Image

No one enjoys having the image of the public bum with the brown paper bag. Many people are judgmental when it comes to substance abuse disorders. Wearing such a label in today’s society is humiliating. Alcoholism can happen to anyone at any time. The disease doesn’t discriminate, but people who develop it don’t have to accept it. An inpatient facility can help an addictive person kick the habit right in the backside.

Benefits of Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment

Long-term inpatient alcoholism treatment can be a superior method because of the separation. New members stay in the facility with like-individuals who strive for the same goal. Supportive staff members and professionals surround them, and they spend time away from influential people and depressing environments. A typical program may last 30 to 90 days, but many addicted persons need to stay longer. A specialist can help someone find a reliable facility to attend.

Start the Fun With Rehab Treatment Today

Recovery can turn into long-term fun. A fun program is a rehabilitation program that involves exercise, nutrition, support, guidance and a clean environment. An addicted person can find the way back to having positive energy, acceptable health, and hope of a bright future.

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