Surprising Findings About How Long It Takes To Really Get Sober

Surprising Findings About How Long It Takes To Really Get Sober

how long does it take to get soberGetting Sober is Possible, Say Experts

In general, Alcoholic Anonymous experts say that millions of alcoholics have gotten sober with proven treatment methods. When followed correctly these methods work wonders and help keep the addict or alcoholic on track. The best advice for any addict, states AA, is to keep an open mind to the real possibility that you can quit all of your bad habits and live a more healthy and prosperous life.

In fact, Alcoholic Anonymous offers numerous tips on how to get sober:

  • Read the AA booklet “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.” This booklet offers really good advice on how to quit your vices with real success.
  • Stay away from the first drink. The AA view on alcoholism is this: If you do not take that first drink, you can’t get drunk. By taking a drink and experiencing the euphoria it induces, you may start developing a habit before you even realize it.
  • View alcoholism and drug use as an incurable, progressive and fatal disease. AA guidance states that many people fool themselves into thinking that this addictive behavior is fun and okay because they can quit at any time. But, they are wrong.
  • Live and let live. AA states that the practice to “Live and Let Live” is extremely important because the addict may still have personal issues that are driving them to drink or take drugs. Thus, it’s important for true recovery to let go of the personal issues that may be driving you to drink or get stoned with legal or illegal substances.
  • Get active and pay it forward. While it’s hard to give up drinking when sober, AA states that it’s proven methods require addicts to remain sober and active so they are not pushing their problems away – but facing them and the people in their lives. Thus, the goal is to turn one’s addiction into a positive action and stay active in your life by helping people in your world.
  • Say the Serenity Prayer. While the people who are addicted to illegal substances may laugh at this idea, AA has proven results stating that the following prayer really works wonders. “God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage, to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” At the same time, AA advises new members that in addition to the various steps that curb or even eradicate the initial problem, it is extremely important to change old routines and replace them with healthier activities.

The U.S. Department of Health states that people who suffer from addiction often complain about loneliness, anger and fatigue due to their addictive and destructive habits. Thus, the government health experts say that the key to feeling good and alive again is stopping the madness of their addictions and jumping on the bus to recovery.

What Causes Addiction in Some People?

A crucial mixture of genetic and environmental factors influences the risk of the development of alcoholism. Genes that influence the metabolism of alcohol may be implied by a family history of alcoholism. Individuals who have a genetic proneness to the disease are also more likely to start drinking at an earlier age than average.

Also, a younger age of destructive drinking is associated with an increased risk of the development of alcoholism, and about 40 percent of alcoholics will drink habitually by their late adolescence. It is not entirely clear whether this reltionship is causal, and some researchers have been known to disagree with this view.

Alcohol dependence is characterized by tolerance (the need to drink more to achieve the same “high”) and withdrawal symptoms if drinking is suddenly stopped. Withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • nausea
  • sweating
  • restlessness
  • irritability
  • tremors
  • hallucinations
  • convulsions

Deciding to Quit Drinking is Never Easy

There are a lot of former alcohol and drug addicts who report their success of rehabilitation publically or online.

In general, these former addicts state that they got sober because of work related issues, family reasons or a tragic experience that literally forced them to stop the addiction.

Detoxification is never an easy process. Alcoholism has serious conflicting effects on brain activity; on average it takes one year of moderation to recover from the cognitive impairments caused by repeated alcohol abuse.

Overall, a person is an alcoholic or a drug user for some very serious internal reasons that are often known only to them. However, the experts state that the road to sobriety is always up to the individual and it is necessary to follow-up detoxification with the right treatment program for alcohol addiction or abuse in order to reduce the risk of relapse.

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