Alcoholism: An Epidemic

Alcoholism: An Epidemic

alcohol poisoningSadly, alcoholism is a common epidemic in the US, with the average citizen drinking about 152 ounces of alcohol annually. If suffering from alcohol addiction, there are several options to consider that will help you or a loved one find success on the road to recovery.

Getting Help At An Inpatient Facility

An inpatient facility is a place where everyone who suffers from addiction can find help. These facilities are locked to ensure that clients can be monitored for safety. Clients will be free from outside negative influences that can contribute to a relapse. At an inpatient treatment facility, clients will enjoy several benefits including:

  • Caring staff members that are concerned about the client’s well-being and recovery
  • Healthy and nutritionally balanced meals
  • Spacious and furnished rooms

The purpose of an inpatient treatment facility is to create a safe environment while educating clients about addiction. Clients will spend time in structured groups that will challenge their thinking and encourage them to look within themselves as they start their journey to recovery. There are several types of groups designed to teach clients about life and addiction. Life Skills Group is an hour long session that educates clients on coping and communication skills that will help them get through the challenges of life after recovery. Goals Group is designed to assess whether or not each client has achieved a goal that he or she set for the day. Groups are helpful because they give clients an opportunity to relate to others who have been through the same struggle. Each group is mediated by staff and each client will be able to talk openly about their addiction. Clients can express their feelings without fear of being judged and learn about triggers to drinking, as well as how to cope with their alcoholism. They will be encouraged to identify their own personal triggers and find new coping skills that will help in the fight against alcoholism.

Say Goodbye To That Old Lifestyle

After completing the recovery program, there are going to be new challenges for alcoholics. Like any other addiction, alcoholism is a lifestyle. To achieve a life of sobriety, old habits must be broken. Old hangouts, drinking buddies, paraphernalia, clothing, cups, posters, signs, bumper stickers, and anything else that promotes drinking must be abandoned. As the old adage goes, out of sight out of mind. In order to have a successful recovery, recovering alcoholics need to forsake the things that are going to influence their decision to drink.

The journey to recovery is like a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs. There is no such thing as a magic potion that will make the urge to drink go away; a successful recovery requires work and commitment. If you are suffering from alcoholism or if you have a loved one who is, the most important thing you can do right now is to seek professional help somewhere.

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